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Typhoon H Pro vs Typhoon H

Many friends have asked me to compare Typhoon H Pro vs. Typhoon H and this is what I will do here. Before I continue with the details, I’d like to clarify that the two models have practically the same features with one major difference.

Additionally, with the Pro version you will get extra accessories. This will probably make it easier for you to take a decision.

Design and Make

Typhoon H has a super sleek design which is more than impressive. It weighs just 9 ounces with the battery and a bit more when the 3-axis gimbal for image stabilization is added. This makes it one of the lightest drones around. When comparing Typhoon H Pro vs. Typhoon H, you should not worry about getting extra weight with the Pro version. The design is exactly the same.

How It Flies

Typhoon H Pro is equipped with the Intel RealSense technology, so this drone with six propellers knows how to avoid obstacles. The technology enables it to create an internal 3D map of the surrounding environment so the risk of collision is minimal.

Both versions have a sonar collision prevention feature. At the same time, the GPS navigation enables the drones to stay on target and to land safely when you use the home function. They also share the 5-rotor fail-safe feature which contributes to reliability.

Generally, you can expect either drone to be completely stable in the air in various weather conditions. When it comes to flying, Typhoon H Pro is a tad better than its counterpart so it wins this round of the Typhoon H Pro vs. Typhoon H comparison.

Photo and Video Quality Evaluation

You’ll be happy to learn that each version of this hexacopter features a 12MP 4K UHD camera with a CGO3+ gimbal. It can be turned to 360 degrees for incredible panoramic shots.

The low-distortion lens and the 98-degree view are other features which contribute to the quality of the photos and videos.

There are some additional smart features which make using the camera even more fun. With Orbit Me, the drone makes circles around you to produce unique footage.

Point of Interest works in the same way, but with all kinds of objects. With Journey Mode, the drone automatically finds the perfect position for a selfie.

Curve Cable Cam allows you to fly the aircraft between two points which you set. You will enjoy all these features with both options so you don’t have to worry about making a tough decision when it comes to Typhoon H Pro vs. Typhoon H.

The Key Specs

Each model of this hexacopter can fly at a speed of 43.5 mph. This is similar to what you will see when comparing Phantom 4 Pro vs. Mavic Pro.

The model’s flying range is 1 mile. The maximum flight time is 25 minutes which is pretty standard. You can easily extend it if you opt for Typhoon H Pro as it comes with an extra battery.

Controller and Accessories

The ST16 all-in-one controller is as advanced as the drone itself. It uses Android to run and features a 7-inch screen for watching footage in real time. The controls are intuitive and the operation is simple. Regarding Typhoon H Pro vs. Typhoon H, the Pro package includes the Wizard one-hand remote control. It’s slim and super convenient.

The best part is that you can engage all smart features with it. There is another great accessory too – a stylish backpack which is great for carrying the drone.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to conclude my comparison of Typhoon H Pro vs. Typhoon H by saying that both options will give you endless hours of fun and photos and video of exceptional quality.

The Pro package offers more in terms of safety and accessories. Check out Amazon for more information and reviews.

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