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Phantom 4 Pro vs Mavic Pro

If you are looking for a technologically advanced drone, it makes sense to compare Phantom 4 Pro vs. Mavic Pro. Both have impressive features and capabilities so you will have to focus on your individual requirements, preferences and budget to make the best choice. Read my comparative review based on my experience with the drones to decide.

Design Differences

While Phantom 4 Pro doesn’t boast of the most innovative design, it is rigid and does a great job in resisting wind even when it blows at high speed.

This is thanks to the magnesium alloy and titanium alloy which make it quite light for its size in addition to giving it great strength. Mavic Pro, on the other hand, is small and folds compactly so it’s safe to say that it’s a good choice for outdoor adventures.

Safe and Stable Flying?

This is an essential question to ask when comparing Phantom 4 Pro vs. Mavic. You can focus entirely on shooting video with Phantom 4 Pro given that it senses obstacles in 5 directions and avoids them in 4 thanks to the upgraded Flight Autonomy system.

The risk of it colliding with an object is minimal. The upgraded Return to Home function does a marvelous job enabling the drone to find the shortest and safest route home.

Mavic Pro also uses the classic version of the Flight Autonomy system which works reliably enabling it to detect objects which are as far as 49 feet away and to avoid them. Both models use GPS and GLONASS to return home safely.

Photo and Video Shooting

Phantom 4 Pro is equipped with a 20MP camera featuring 1-inch CMOS sensor while Mavic Pro has a 12MP one. The model has better aperture and greater field of view compared to its counterpart and a mechanical shutter too. All these features enable it to produce 4K video, H.264 4K at 60fps or H.265 at 30fps, and photos of higher quality in all kinds of light conditions.

You should take note of the additional exciting photo and video shooting features which Phantom 4 Pro has when comparing Phantom 4 Pro vs. Mavic.

This drone captures objects and follows them automatically to give you the most exciting footage without extra effort on your part. With Gesture Mode, you can produce awesome selfies without holding the controller in your hands. Just look relaxed and happy. This is what I did and it felt great.

Speed, Range and Battery

Phantom 4 Pro has a slightly higher speed compared to Mavic Pro. You’ll agree that 45 mph is not much higher than 40 mph. However, it has smaller range of 3 miles compared to 4.3 miles. When it comes to Phantom 4 Pro vs. Mavic based on flight time, you get 30 minutes against 27. That’s quite close too. You will see similar numbers in my comparison of DJI Mavic Pro vs. Phantom 4.

Easy to Operate?

You will discover that the controller of Phantom 4 Pro comes with some very exciting features. You can choose between two HD video transmission frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, to minimize the risk of interference. You can also draw a route on the screen of your smartphone when you use it together with the controller and the drone will follow it.

You can also just tap on the screen to change the direction of the drone. The controller of Mavic Pro has other types of advantages. It’s smaller, more ergonomic and super convenient to charge. These are the key things you should know when comparing Phantom 4 Pro vs. Mavic.

The Verdict

It’s up to you to decide which model wins the battle of Phantom 4 Pro vs. Mavic, depending on how keen you are on photography and playing with drones. Visit Amazon for more information and review.

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