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Autel X Star vs Phantom 4

I’m a huge fan of drones and spend every spare minute flying one and shooting videos. Friends who are buying their first drone or want to upgrade often come to me to help them pick between two options.

Currently, a lot of people have been asking me to compare Autel X Star vs. Phantom 4. This is natural given that the first model is set to rival the latest drone in the DJI Phantom line which has grown huge popularity. Here is my comparative review.

Design and Make

Both drones are sleek, but I personally like the design of Autel X Star better. I find it easier to carry by hand. Besides, I find the orange and black combination to be incredibly attractive. It seems as if the drone has come out of a sci-fi movie.

Still, I have to highlight the fact that Phantom 4 is made using titanium alloy and magnesium alloy which help to make it both stronger and lighter. These are major advantages which translate into greater durability and higher speed. Generally, when it comes to Autel X Star vs. Phantom 4 based on design and make, both gadgets have excellent built and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Performance in the Air

Autel X Star uses the brand’s Starpoint Positioning System which monitors the height of the flight and tracks the drone’s position optically. This dramatically reduces the risk of an accident even if you fly it low. For those who prefer to focus on shooting video and photos, there are Smart-Flight features like Follow and Waypoints.

Phantom 4, on the other hand, boasts of an enhanced Vision Positioning System which does a fabulous job of detecting objects on the drone’s path. Both drones use a dual positioning system based on GPS and GLONASS and this is something worth highlighting in this Autel X Star vs. Phantom 4 comparison.

Photo and Video Shooting

With Autel X Star, you get a 12MP camera which produces 4K videos. You will enjoy HD Live View of top quality. You can expect quite similar photo and video quality with Phantom 4, given that the camera has similar specs and that both devices use 3-axis stabilization. One thing which makes the first model stand out, however, is the option to remove the camera and use an upgraded one eventually.

Range, Speed and Flight Time

When it comes to range in the Autel X Star vs. Phantom 4 battle, the latter model wins by far with 3 miles against 1.25 miles. The first model develops a maximum speed of 35 mph while the second one has 45 mph, which is more than impressive, in my opinion. The maximum flight times are 25 and 28 minutes respectively. It’s wise to keep a spare battery with you always.

Controller and Accessories

I love Autel X Star’s controller for its ergonomic design and the individual buttons for using diverse functions. I like the sleek carrying case too.

Phantom 4’s controller is a bit bulky for my taste, but I appreciate the optimal sensitivity of the command sticks. The carrying case is big, but everything fits in it just right. In this round of Autel X Star vs. Phantom 4, the former is the clear winner for me.


Who’s the winner in the battle of Autel X Star vs. Phantom 4? Both fly reliably and produce superb videos and photos. When it comes to the key performance indicators, Phantom 4 is better, but with Autel X Star, you can easily upgrade to a more advanced camera. For more details and reviews, check out Amazon.

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